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Meet the filmmakers: Camille Hollett-French "FREYA"

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

Introducing Camille, director of the short film Freya, which is about a woman who's struggling to regain control of her body in a future where social media and the state operate as one. Jade is happily single, she loves her job, and her friendship with her federally regulated enquiry and yield assistant, FREYA. Get more teasers in Camille's introduction video below, along with a quick word from FREYA writer and actress, Rhona Rees.

Producers: Kristyn Stilling, Athena Russell

Cast: Rhona Rees, Elysia Rotaru

FREYA synopsis: Jade considers FREYA (her Federally Regulated Enquiry and Yield Assistant) a friend. But when a one-night stand doesn’t go as planned, Jade is forced to question FREYA and the system she represents. Set in the not-too-distant future, FREYA ​will make you second guess your relationship with technology, social media, and The State.

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Featured photo of Camille Hollett-French by Max AriaPhotography by Max Aria

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