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Meet the filmmakers: Natasha Halevi "Beauty Juice"

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

Over the next week we'll be introducing you to the officially selected filmmakers of the 2020 Female Voices Rock Film Festival! First up, we have Natasha Halevi, writer and director of "Beauty Juice". A short film that delves into a complex conversation about where the beauty industry fits in women's lives today, and the issue of destabilization of confidence for monetary gain.

Producers: Sean Gunn, Natasha Halevi

Cast: Jennifer Holland, Tiffany Shepis, Krista Allen, Natalia Safran, Lola Blanc, Devyn Kawata, Michelle Haro and Parker Love Bowling.

Beauty Juice synopsis: Sarah follows here invitation to beauty juice, a secret invite only beauty shop. Her naieveté is clear as she interacts with the regulars, but something seems wrong with the place and these people. Writing off her instinct as unreasonable fear, Sarah shakes it off and patiently waits for her turn for Beauty Juice.

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Featured photo of Natasha Halevi by David Muller

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