You can make an impact.

As the world remains dark, theaters empty, concert halls silent and art galleries shuttered close. All entertainment venues closed their doors at once to prevent the spread of COVID - 19. A world without art is starting to become a horrifying reality. A reality we at FVR refuse to accept. 

As the pandemic continues to chew its way through the arts. We find ourselves stuck at home turning to them, hopelessly, clinging on to some memory of what life used to be like. We turn to novels, music, movie and tv  shows. It helps us escape our current bleak reality. It makes us feel just a little less alone.

While we consume all of this we tend to forget that most of these artists are sitting at home, unemployed, scared, unsure of when or if they will ever be able to work again. All of this should be a huge lesson on why keeping the arts alive is so important.

Although, Female Voices Rock is microscopic in the wider scale of things, we strongly believe in the importance of championing women's stories. If you are in the position to keep our small festival alive, please consider donating. 



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