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2020 Female Voices Rock Screenwriting Competition Finalists

Congratulations to all of our 2020 screenwriting Finalists and Semi-Finalists! Winners will be announced during the festival!

Short Script Finalists

Atlantic City - Mia Sorensen

Fibby - Garin Pirnia

Josie's Date with Death - Lisa Marie Tedesco

Influencer - Rebecca Gialanella

Hunting Season - Sheila Schroeder, Christie Buchele

Mr. Rose - Kari Mote

I Want Kandy - Rebecca Jordan

Stain Resistant - Shruti Tewari

Pilot Finalists

Alpha/Beta - Misha Calvert

To Be Honest: A Lifetime on the Hips - Jennifer Le Roux

Gilding The Lily - Lauren Anthony

Secret Putin - Mackenzie Horras

The Uprising - Mia Sorensen

Homebody - Alicia Berger

Alanna Grimm - Kari Mote, Alana Grimaldo

Migrant Mothers - Ashley Rebecca Farley

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