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2020 Female Voices Rock TV PILOT Screenwriting Competition Semifinalists

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

Listed below are the Semifinalists of the 2020 Female Voices Rock TV PILOT Screenplay competition. Congratulations to the writers and please stay tuned for the finalists and winner announcement.

Alanna Grimm - Kari Mote, Alana Grimaldo

Alpha/Beta - Misha Calvert

Animosity - Nikki Braendlin

Bucky's Ultra Awesome Double Rainbow - Mia Sorensen

Changing Views - Kari Mote

Cope - Jasmine "Jaz Imani" Davis

Dead Gatsby - Patricia Hickman

DICKS - Cristi Rumpza

Expiration Date - Vanessa Every-Burns

Fresh Meat - Janine Sides

Gilding The Lily - Lauren Anthony

Glitter Box: Same Shit Different Show - Jennifer Le Roux

Graduates - Samantha Markey

Guilty - Katie Novotny, Erin Conroy

Homeboy - Alicia Berger

Lifeline - Meredith Casey

Migrant Mothers - Ashley Rebecca Farley

Secret Putin - Mackenzie Horras

Small Fry 'Six Pack' - Madeline Mack, Michael Lincoln

The Authentic Step - Denise Ana Winkelman, Melissa Wahe

The Caregiver - Priya Domfeh

The Uprising - Mia Sorensen

To Be Honest: A Lifetime on the Hips - Jennifer Le Roux

Undertow - Elena Perez

Unknown: Episode 1: The Geraldine Washington Story - Kendra M. Hill

Wyrdos - Frankie Lewis

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