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2020 Female Voices Rock Short Screenwriting Competition Semifinalists

Listed below are the Semifinalists of the 2020 Female Voices Rock Short Screenplay competition. Congratulations to the writers and please stay tuned for the finalists and winner announcement.

A Day Off Track - Sandy Parker

A Record In Time - Ericka Gomez

Adela & the Wonder - Eden Alexis Martinez

Atlantic City - Mia Sorensen

Aura - Holly HawkCoyote - Jamila Jackson

Croutons - Diana Abousaleh

Fibby - Garin Pirnia

Hunting Season - Sheila Schroeder, Christie Buchele

I Know How To Swim - Cheryl Lewis

I Know How To Swim - Cheryl Lewis

I Want Kandy - Rebecca Jordan

Influencer - Rebecca Gialanella

Jane - Alex Hodgson

Josie's Date With Death - Lisa Marie Tedesco

Mr. Rose - Kari Mote

PERSUASION - Caitlin Moira Cooke

Plug It Up - Diana Abousaleh

Rebel Girl - Isabelle Barbier

Stain Resistant - Shruti Tewari

The Church Bells - Abigail Sharp

The Other Side - Sheri Davenport

Void - Nieves Garcia Perchin

Wash Me - Millie Zandi

Worst Critic - Alyxandrya Prynce

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